MRCM - 2007
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Contributed papers will be selected on the basis of one page abstract (A4 size paper, "Times New Roman" type font, 12 pt, 1.5 interval, with 2.0 cm top, 2.0 left, 2.0 right and 2.5 bottom margins).

All documents must be in ".doc" format (Word)

The abstract page will contain:

  • A concise and informative title of no more than two-lines length (Times New Roman bold, all caps of size 14 points).
  • The full name(s) of the author(s) (last name, then first name with Times New Roman bold 12 points) should be written below the title.
  • The affiliation(s) and complete postal address (es) of the author(s) will be provided immediately after the full name of the authors and will be written with Times New Roman 12 points. When the paper has more than one author, their name will be followed by a mark (Arabic numeral) as superscript; for the corresponding author, an asterix will be added. The name of the reporter must be underlined.
  • Photographs, charts and diagrams are all to be referred to as Figure(s) and should be numbered consecutively, in the order to which they are referred.


Formula, symbols and abbreviations:

  • Formula will be typeset in Italics and should be written or marked for such in the manuscript, unless they require a different styling. The formula should be quoted on the right side, between brackets:
  • Abbreviations should be defined when first mentioned in the abstract and again in the main body of the text and used consistently thereafter.
  • SI units be used throughout.

Footnotes should be avoided.


The list of References should only include works that are cited in the text and that have been published. References should be listed at the end of paper as follows:

  • Books: Name and initials of authors, article title, title of the book , editors, edition, publisher, place, page number, and year.
  • Journal papers: Names and initials of authors, journal abbreviated in accordance with international practice, volume number, first and last page numbers, and year (between brackets).
  • Patents: Names and initials of authors, patent title, country, patent number, and year.
  • Dissertations: Names and initials of authors, title, specification (Ph.D. Diss), institution, place, and year.

Example of the correct form of the abstract: view example

The papers are only accepted in electronic form and should be sent to the following email address: with mentioning the word "paper" in the subject line.

The materials of IS MRCM-2007 will be published in the Moldavian Journal of Physical Sciences (in English).